Scruples European Clothing Store in NYC

Posted by: Admin | Posted on: August 31st, 2012 | 1 Comments

The Scruples European clothing store will blow you away. Walking into the store is like travelling back to a time when women only left the house looking their best. The décor of Scruples is like walking into a store on Fifth Avenue. The sparkling chandeliers and genuine Russian handmade shawls made in Siberia help give the place that old-world style. Exquisite hats are there to match every outfit. There are large hats and smaller hats. There are hats with feathers and hats without feathers. You can tell that these ladies created the look and feel of the store so that women would feel high class and luxurious.

The owners are a mother and daughter, so you feel like you came to buy from family, because they are a family. There are blouses and business suits and cocktail dresses to cover any occasion.
If you have tickets to a Broadway show or the Opera, Scruples clothing store would be the perfect place to start. The evening wear or cocktail dresses would be ideal for a show. The ladies will help you pick out the perfect outfit for any venue. They take pride in making you look your very best.

There is such an amazing vibe of luxury and comfort as you peruse the vast amount of outfits in the store. Its old-world style meets modern luxury and comfort. You get yesterday’s quality for today’s prices. Normally there is a large gap between quality and price. That is not the case with this fashion clothing Bronx store.  The quality of the European clothing they carry at the clothing store is in the realm of designer textiles and fabric quality for a price that won’t break the bank. It’s is a great way to dress well on a budget.

Once you have the right outfit for your night on the town or if you just need a new business suit you can pick the right womens perfume to fit the day or your mood. A woman who is always on the go is in good hands. There are beautiful dresses that can be worn at the office with a jacket. Then, you can pick up a fur wrap and gloves to change to elegant wear for the evening. So, you have created a whole new luxurious look for any upscale venue with very little effort. Scruples clothing store has the perfect accessories to complete your business or evening ensemble. There are lovely sparkly headbands and jewelry that you can enhance your outfits with as well.

You can tell that there is a lot of care that goes into picking every hat, and piece of clothing. You get the impression that every blouse, pants and hat on the shelf is a piece that the owners themselves would be found wearing on the street. As a customer it gives you the confidence that you will be looking the very best. You can still maintain your own individual style at the same time, because these carefully handpicked pieces are not available in every fashion store.