Every coat and jacket we carry must uphold our standard...

Premium Coats Bronx

Premium runway coats and outerwear in diverse styles grace our product line. Every coat and jacket
we carry must uphold our standard of excellence. Our extensive collection of fine outer garments
range from casual to white tie. Upturned collars to fur trims, fully lined or belted –we have the latest
styles to accommodate your exceptional taste.

We choose merchandise from a select network of reputable designers who create their products with
exceptional attention to the fine details. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the utmost
quality in every product we represent. Exquisite craftsmanship and impeccable style go into all the
outerwear garments we offer.

Every woman needs a must-have coat or jacket that completes her wardrobe. When you purchase a
coat from our Bronx location you will be receiving the most updated look and the trendiest fashion
statement available during the fall season.

You’ll want to invest in a heavier coat this winter as it is expected to be a cold one, but a sturdy coat
doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. We have the warmest and softest fabrics in your favorite
styles. Choose from wool Italian dress coats or fur trim on a comfortable down coat.

Short, medium or long, broad lapels, classic styling or modern twists –whatever your preference we
know you will enjoy our collection of women’s coats and jackets in our fall selection. An interesting mix
of color and texture speak volumes about your fashion sense. You can count on all our garments to
complement your existing wardrobe and draw an enviable eye or two.

Our iconic styles elevate your fashion status. The turn of leaves and the lazy flurry of snow mark the
seasons when you want to layer rich fall colors and the smoothest fabrics with the right accessories.
Dress down with layers –leggings, boots, jewelry, vests, hats, or gloves. Adorn your new dress coat
with scarves, brooches, or hats. Dress up a look by minimizing it, adding sleek elements with sparkling
jewels and designer shoes.

First time customers are surprised to see how affordable high fashion can be, yet they’re still able
to relish exceptional quality in all our outerwear garments. Trench coats and pea coats, tailored or
loose fitting, fur and down coats are all classics that don’t go out of style. Upscale European clothing is
simple, yet with a change of shoes or adding tasteful jewelry a plain garment magically transforms into
evening wear.

You will be proud to wear our beautiful coats available in a variety of sizes. We deliver straight to you
the best that European designers have to offer. Every purchase will be a wellspring of joy because you
are enjoying superb quality at much lower prices than you expect and that’s worth celebrating.

You will easily grow accustomed to the finest clothing and appreciate how affordable chic and upscale
fashions can be. Our unique line of coats and jackets appeal to your individual sense of style. Our
exclusive lines in women’s outerwear can assure you that no one else will be stepping out in the same
outfit this season.